Network and teams

What makes you really motivated and successful at work?

On one hand you can work in a field that makes best use of your skills.  On the other hand, you work with highly skilled and motivated people.

And how do you find these? At Partico we actively encourage new members to try out collaborations with various team members on different projects. This way, you find projects and partnerships that really helps you  thrive.

We are connecting people

We believe in the importance of face to face contacts:

  • Active match making among our members.
  • Regular face to face meetings, brainstorming events, conferences for our members and externals.
  • An internal network (in development) to help you find partners
  • Trainings and workshops. Read more about these here.     

Teams and agencies

What ultimately differentiates working with Partico from the working as  a freelancer is that we offer services as groups (we call them agencies) and not as individuals. Agencies are groups that offer specific services together. They are mostly self organised, but still structured (each agency has a “leader”, but she or he is “elected” by the rest of the team.

A cooperative

Partico is a cooperative. As such our members are not only employees of Partico, but also co-owners. It’s them who elect our board and our directors.

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